Begleitheft Land of the Elephants


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Autor: by A. Muhl & D. Ambros | Erscheinungsjahr: 2010 104 p., complete, coloured pictures

Land of the Elephants, Salvaging a lost world, A temperate biotope in the ice age
The giants of Neumark-Nord, Evidence for the reconstruction, Natural environment
Fruits of knowledge, Oak steppe forest, Thornbushes, Marsh and water,
Pioneer plant zones, Meadow steppe, The past in the present
Trees 1, Trees 2, Humans in the Land of the Elephants, Human evolution
Signs of activity, The uses of elephant bones, Dinnertime
Fire at the lake, A key to survival, Big game hunting
necessity, initiation, vanity?, The main residence
Origin of the elephant, Phiomia and Palaeomastodon, Gomphotherium
Tetralophodon, Elephas recki and Elephas falconeri, Mammoth, Elephant Anatomy
Traces of life, expressions of life, The animal environment
When Europe’s large mammals disappeared
Were humans the key factor?, Was climate the key factor? Was it a combination of factors?